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Best New Launches

Best New Launches - When it comes to product launch marketing all the experts agree on one thing.

To have the absolute best chance of success when launching a product or service, new or old, online or offline, you have to use a product launch marketing plan that has been proven to work.

Why would you try and reinvent the wheel, and throw away your opportunity to have a stellar launch by ignoring what works and trying what has not been proven?

There is no shame in copying, or legally stealing an idea or strategy that has been proven to work across hundreds of markets.

There is shame however in, after weeks, months or even years of development, launching your product or service as a total flop because your launch plan did not work.

An extra tip - While it is ok and encouraged to swipe another business's launch marketing ideas. It is never ok to steal it verbatim without taking the idea and making it your own.

There is never any excuse for implementing a marketing plan which you have no right to use. And it really doesn't take much to make it your own.

The idea here is take the core ideas and principles, then adapt it to your market and your product. Change the words to suit your market's language. Change images and photos to represent your product or service. Use the strategy not the copyrighted materials.

If you do this you will have as much a guarantee as it is possible to have that your product launch will be a success and not a failure.